Monday, April 6, 2015

Weighing Your Web Design Options

~ Please bear with me as I describe an additional cost effective alternative to go about your website.  

Our mobile and web design NH company can take care of all your mobile responsive needs so that your website looks great on all devices but let me go ahead and tell you a little real life story...

Since I met you and Brandon at lunch about a month ago, I really stepped up my website design and developing. Over the past month I have worked 14 hours per day and 6 days a week on further advancing my professional web design skills. I build all my sites from the GROUND UP which is more complex on my part but more rewarding for my clients. I am confident in building many types of websites including ecommerce. Going through 600 pages of tutorials over the past month and doing every single one has boosted my web design capabilities. I also have gotten even more of an ‘itch’ to really learn about some advanced sweet add-ons for the future.

A website that is built from the GROUND UP saves your money, is less risk, and is more flexible!
This ground up approach does not have continual monthly fees. It is a one-time fee which saves you more and more money each year rather than paying a continual price forever. Over the lifetime of a ten year company with a monthly fee of $39.95 you would be paying $4,794 dollars for a website that has been relatively the same thing since day one due to limited flexibility and minimal additional features.

NetIdentity Solutions has the power to increase their monthly rates as they please. You will be stuck paying whatever they say is the monthly rate even if it jumps up to $50 or even $60 dollars in years to come. They know that you will pay whatever price because if you refuse to pay they delete your site. Sounds like a rental huh? Renting makes your website more of a liability rather than an asset to your company. This definitely has sufficient risk.

When I build a site from the ground up, YOU own that site. The site becomes truly an asset investment rather than a continual fee! Hence extremely less risk as well.

Building your site from the ground up makes it easier to tweak anything and add additional features at any time so your site can grow with your company. It is nice to at least have the option to add any cool ass features and add-ons you want further down the line. Having unlimited flexibility is a comforting feeling!

Since the site is completely built from scratch and not through a drag and drop type builder, it requires its own web hosting. This is much better because it gives you an option to choose the best host rather than being stuck with the host you built your site with. Subpar hosts can be damaging to your company for many reasons including substantial downtimes over the year where your site will be inaccessible. Small business webhosting that offers solid security, quick speeds, and < 1% downtime per year cost between $7.99 and $11.99 per month. I host my websites through InMotion Hosting who is a top small business provider. Since I buy in quantity I get lower prices which allows me to offer my clients $4.99 per month for top small business webhosting. This means your annual fee is $59.88. Please compare this annual cost with the annual cost of your current website to see costs savings.

I suggest you weigh your current option with the option I just presented and at least understand what the alternative is. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will tell you what I tell to every one of my clients. As a client of Recharged Business Solutions (yup officially registered with NH now!), I am here to help your company 24/7 because I know problems can come up that need to be dealt with ASAP.

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