Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SEO NH Web Design Services

The ultimate way to generate results online is through Search Engine Optimized  - SEO NH Web Design. The reason being is that we actually follow Google’s guidelines when we do website design which makes Google love your site. Google will then rank you higher in search results so you can generate more business online. This is why Search Engine Optimized (SEO) NH web design is so important.

SEO NH Web Design

SEO NH - Search Engine Optimization

This is the science of ranking better in search engines to get more exposure. Our SEO NH company can help you rank to gain more exposure and leads online.

Simply put, SEO is broken down into two main categories, which are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page refers to changes we make to your actual website pages. Off-Page refers to what we do external outside of your website such as if we filled out a yellow pages online listing with your website link in it. We would be creating a link which would help increase the credibility associated with your website in the eyes of Google. Google uses links to determine how much exposure you get in the search results.

SEO is a larger initial investment but once implemented correctly creates a snowball effect of new business for your company. Ranking in search engines is complex but the simplified version is we make sure your website is up to the latest Google standards. Why Google? Because it is the largest search engine in the planet. Also many of their standards play well with the other search engines also. 

NH Web Design & Mobile Development

Your NH Web Design is the core foundation to both your online and offline lead generation. This makes your website and mobile design one of the most important parts of generating new leads and growing your business. In 2015 many industries are seeing more than half of users visiting their website on mobile devices so mobile design and development has become even more important than desktop only based websites. 

NH Web Design Company

Graphic Design & Logo Design

Having something professionally designed adds a huge amount of credibility to your brand. Credibility may be one of the most important aspects of whether someone chooses you or your competitor. We can give you a professional face lift for your graphic & logo design.

SEO Internet Marketing Consulting

We will narrow down the most cost-effective and result driven approach for your business by understanding your competition and competitive advantage. Whether you are targeting multiple towns or states, we'll help you determine the right strategy. When deciding what the best way is to generate new business cost-effectively, our lead generation consulting is a profitable solution!

Internet Marketing Measuring & Strategizing

Being strategic is cost-effective, measurable, and result-driven. After understanding your specific business needs, we’ll craft you an integrated lead generation strategy. The ultimate goal will be to generate more leads for your business.

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Age Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your Small Business

New Age Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your Small Business

Before reading about this huge growth opportunity for your business let’s all agree on just one thing.

Let’s agree that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most influential and cost-effective form of marketing for small, medium, and large companies.

Now that we are all on the same page it is important to figure out ways to maximize word-of-mouth efforts.

IN THE PAST… A person had a problem that they needed a solution for. It was most common due to convenience to ask friends and family for input. This input was word-of-mouth marketing which was highly powerful in persuading a person to go through the company recommended to them.

This is still effective today.

BUT… Now an even more convenient and very popular option is available for even the smallest of companies.

InternetWorldStats.com states, as of June 30, 2012, 78.1% of the United States uses the internet which equals 245,203,319 people.

Data results from ThePew Internet & American Life Project show that as of February 2012 73% of all Americans used search engines. This is a 21% increase since January 2002 which is due to convenience and the fact that 91% of search engine users say they always or most of the time, find the information they are seeking.

In conclusion, 191,503,792 people from the United States use search engines. Even as a small niche that makes up 1% of the market you have a target market of 1,915,037. This is a huge opportunity!
Recharged Business Solutions will help you determine your target market and tap into your specific segment in a cost-effective way.

Many small business owners have not invested in internet marketing services.
YET… They admit to commonly using search engines to find products and services.

Even if your company offers THE BEST SOLUTION for an individual, your product or service may not even be “in the running” since, as the facts previously conclude, your potential customer will most likely use their favorite internet search engine to look for solutions.  This is very convenient.
New Age Word-of-Mouth marketing has gone in two directions. The first direction is search engine optimization to rank better on search results. It is evident that this is a great opportunity for all businesses.  

The second direction is social media which also happens to boost your search engine optimization.
“Liking” a company on Facebook tells all your friends and family that you support and recommend a certain company’s offerings. This is the convenient new age way of telling your U.S.average of 262 Facebook friends which products are great and that you love!

Twitter is similar but with “Followers”. Facebook and Twitter should be used to build relationships and a personality for your company while gaining supporters that are then aimed towards your site to find more information and ultimately persuade call-to-action.  

Search engine optimization and social media are two important parts of a company’s digital ad spending which is estimated at $37.31 billion in 2012 by eMarketer who also claims the likelihood of double-digit growth through 2014.

It is understandable why large companies spend $50,000+ on their website, hire salaried social media employees, and put large percentages of their marketing budgets towards internet marketing.
At Recharged Business Solutions we understand that small businesses don’t have the marketing budget of larger companies so we provide services that allow your company to “play like the big boys” but at a fraction of the cost. We will help you maximize your New Age Word-of-Mouth Tactics!

Help out your friends and family by sending them this short article so they too can understand these important concepts that have changed word-of-mouth marketing.

Also, present this article to your employer to show great initiative which surely helps you stand out for upcoming advancement opportunities.

Weighing Your Web Design Options

~ Please bear with me as I describe an additional cost effective alternative to go about your website.  

Our mobile and web design NH company can take care of all your mobile responsive needs so that your website looks great on all devices but let me go ahead and tell you a little real life story...

Since I met you and Brandon at lunch about a month ago, I really stepped up my website design and developing. Over the past month I have worked 14 hours per day and 6 days a week on further advancing my professional web design skills. I build all my sites from the GROUND UP which is more complex on my part but more rewarding for my clients. I am confident in building many types of websites including ecommerce. Going through 600 pages of tutorials over the past month and doing every single one has boosted my web design capabilities. I also have gotten even more of an ‘itch’ to really learn about some advanced sweet add-ons for the future.

A website that is built from the GROUND UP saves your money, is less risk, and is more flexible!
This ground up approach does not have continual monthly fees. It is a one-time fee which saves you more and more money each year rather than paying a continual price forever. Over the lifetime of a ten year company with a monthly fee of $39.95 you would be paying $4,794 dollars for a website that has been relatively the same thing since day one due to limited flexibility and minimal additional features.

NetIdentity Solutions has the power to increase their monthly rates as they please. You will be stuck paying whatever they say is the monthly rate even if it jumps up to $50 or even $60 dollars in years to come. They know that you will pay whatever price because if you refuse to pay they delete your site. Sounds like a rental huh? Renting makes your website more of a liability rather than an asset to your company. This definitely has sufficient risk.

When I build a site from the ground up, YOU own that site. The site becomes truly an asset investment rather than a continual fee! Hence extremely less risk as well.

Building your site from the ground up makes it easier to tweak anything and add additional features at any time so your site can grow with your company. It is nice to at least have the option to add any cool ass features and add-ons you want further down the line. Having unlimited flexibility is a comforting feeling!

Since the site is completely built from scratch and not through a drag and drop type builder, it requires its own web hosting. This is much better because it gives you an option to choose the best host rather than being stuck with the host you built your site with. Subpar hosts can be damaging to your company for many reasons including substantial downtimes over the year where your site will be inaccessible. Small business webhosting that offers solid security, quick speeds, and < 1% downtime per year cost between $7.99 and $11.99 per month. I host my websites through InMotion Hosting who is a top small business provider. Since I buy in quantity I get lower prices which allows me to offer my clients $4.99 per month for top small business webhosting. This means your annual fee is $59.88. Please compare this annual cost with the annual cost of your current website to see costs savings.

I suggest you weigh your current option with the option I just presented and at least understand what the alternative is. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will tell you what I tell to every one of my clients. As a client of Recharged Business Solutions (yup officially registered with NH now!), I am here to help your company 24/7 because I know problems can come up that need to be dealt with ASAP.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Why You Should Recharge Your Internet Marketing

Everyone has listings online and at this day in age many companies have a website. Whether you are using a free website builder, had a friend or family member do it for cheap, or went full professional mode - you still need to keep it up to date.

Don't worry though if this article scares you then just know you can count on our NH internet marketing company to take care of all your online marketing needs!

Technology changes very rapidly as we all know at this day and age. When your internet marketing presence is just left to rot it resembles an old rusty car that is broken and doesn't work well since it has been sitting around since 'Nam (Vietnam). This type of online presence that is broken down and unkept really gives a poor reputation for your business.

Business is all about credibility and professionalism which ultimately reduces consumer risk, and the potential for buyers remorse. Who seems like they are more credible, a company who has invested in a professional website or one that has a do it yourself website. Better yet, who would you choose, a company with a website or one without?

The answer is usually the one with the website as they have made an investment in their companies success and are more likely to be thriving. When given the option, and assuming this is an important buying decision such as who will be taking care of your property, the one with the best online presence usually wins.

Now let me describe what I mean when I say wins. He or she who hires the correct online marketing company and is willing to invest, is the one who seizes the online opportunity and generates tons of business online. Actually straight up robs your competitors of online business. If your online presence consists of some listings or a not so hot website, why don't you search for relevant terms to those that your potential clients or customers may type in.

Using the same example as above, say I typed in "landscape company concord nh" well now you can see which competitors more or less have invested in their online efforts and are being chosen over you, who most likely is not on any non-branded search.

Of course now I need to describe branded versus non branded search. Branded search just means searches for your company name specifically such as I was referred to check out Joes Landscaping Services so I typed that company name into Google and hopefully Joe at least ranks in the search results for his own company name. If not then you may even be losing word of mouth referrals from not having a good online presence.

Non branded search on the other hand means ranking for phrases in the search results that are regarding services or products you offer versus your company name. Why is this important?

This is how you generate new business online. People don't know which company they want to be their landscaper per say so they first start with a search of "landscaping company concord NH" or something along those lines. Whoever has invested in ranking well for this phrase or whatever phrase your potential buyers type in, wins.

They win because those who rank higher in the search results gain more search exposure. More search exposure means more clicks to your site from quality visitors and more opportunities to turn visitors into sales and then profits. If you aren't taking advantage of the online opportunity and your competitors are, then they are taking business from you. Its like taking candy from a baby unfortunately. They may even be laughing at how easy they are taking potential new business from you. Or they don't have time to be laughing because their phone is ringing left and right.

If this offends you, well then I would like to be thanked for lighting the fire.

One thing people sometimes say to me is I don't think my business has much of an online opportunity. That is like me looking at a house and saying I think it is safe to live in. I am not a home inspector, I am not a carpenter, I know nothing really about either. Instead of me making the decision, I know that that is not my expertise so I allow a professional to inform me.

Do it yourself internet marketing drives do it yourself results. Plain and simple. Professional internet marketing is not somewhere to cut corners as results are directly affected. Instead it is important to consult with a highly capable professional online marketer who will listen to your business needs and provide cost-effective recommendations on whether there is an opportunity or not.

For those of you who at this point are pretty pissed off and feel helpless and not really sure where to begin, let me make things easier. Take a deep breath and give me a call 603-493-6344. For free, ask me questions, talk about your project, shoot the shit, whatever makes you happy. I am here for you.

Also, point out your top competitors to me and the team at Recharged Business Solutions will reverse engineer anything they have ever done online as well as craft up our own strategy and tactics to surpass your competition and regain lost business.

Pick up your phone, give me a call 603-493-6344 or go to our website at www.rechargedsolutions.com and chat with us online!

We will get your internet marketing turned around in no time, but it is an investment, just as with purchasing better equipment or software for your business.