Monday, April 6, 2015

New Age Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your Small Business

New Age Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your Small Business

Before reading about this huge growth opportunity for your business let’s all agree on just one thing.

Let’s agree that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most influential and cost-effective form of marketing for small, medium, and large companies.

Now that we are all on the same page it is important to figure out ways to maximize word-of-mouth efforts.

IN THE PAST… A person had a problem that they needed a solution for. It was most common due to convenience to ask friends and family for input. This input was word-of-mouth marketing which was highly powerful in persuading a person to go through the company recommended to them.

This is still effective today.

BUT… Now an even more convenient and very popular option is available for even the smallest of companies. states, as of June 30, 2012, 78.1% of the United States uses the internet which equals 245,203,319 people.

Data results from ThePew Internet & American Life Project show that as of February 2012 73% of all Americans used search engines. This is a 21% increase since January 2002 which is due to convenience and the fact that 91% of search engine users say they always or most of the time, find the information they are seeking.

In conclusion, 191,503,792 people from the United States use search engines. Even as a small niche that makes up 1% of the market you have a target market of 1,915,037. This is a huge opportunity!
Recharged Business Solutions will help you determine your target market and tap into your specific segment in a cost-effective way.

Many small business owners have not invested in internet marketing services.
YET… They admit to commonly using search engines to find products and services.

Even if your company offers THE BEST SOLUTION for an individual, your product or service may not even be “in the running” since, as the facts previously conclude, your potential customer will most likely use their favorite internet search engine to look for solutions.  This is very convenient.
New Age Word-of-Mouth marketing has gone in two directions. The first direction is search engine optimization to rank better on search results. It is evident that this is a great opportunity for all businesses.  

The second direction is social media which also happens to boost your search engine optimization.
“Liking” a company on Facebook tells all your friends and family that you support and recommend a certain company’s offerings. This is the convenient new age way of telling your U.S.average of 262 Facebook friends which products are great and that you love!

Twitter is similar but with “Followers”. Facebook and Twitter should be used to build relationships and a personality for your company while gaining supporters that are then aimed towards your site to find more information and ultimately persuade call-to-action.  

Search engine optimization and social media are two important parts of a company’s digital ad spending which is estimated at $37.31 billion in 2012 by eMarketer who also claims the likelihood of double-digit growth through 2014.

It is understandable why large companies spend $50,000+ on their website, hire salaried social media employees, and put large percentages of their marketing budgets towards internet marketing.
At Recharged Business Solutions we understand that small businesses don’t have the marketing budget of larger companies so we provide services that allow your company to “play like the big boys” but at a fraction of the cost. We will help you maximize your New Age Word-of-Mouth Tactics!

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